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No Church Service This Christmas

The Southlakes Cares are hosting a wonderful lunch for those alone for Christmas @ the MultiPurpose Centre – so this year we won’t be having a Church service for Christmas. But we’d love to have you next Sunday! Have a great Christmas…


The Sermon on the Mount

This term we’ve been diving into Jesus’ sermon on the mount from Matthew chapters 5-7. It’s been an incredibly challenging series, as we’ve been challenged of what it looks like when we let Jesus show us how to live. Why not have a listen to some of the sermons so far! Click Here.


Sermons from the book of Numbers….

This term we’re back into the book of Numbers – also knows as Wilderness or Desert. This book tracks the journey of Gods people from their rescue from slavery in Egypt – all the way to their arrival at the promised land…. A book we often avoid – Numbers is full of real life application…

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