Church during COVID19

Church for March 29th

This week’s digital service is now up and ready! We can no longer watch it together but that doesn’t mean we can’t connect and chat over the phone, or video chat, I want to encourage us to hold tightly to our church community in this tough time, give someone a call, share what you were challenged by! If you need helping finding ways to connect please get in touch with Rob for some options via phone – 0410 448 659 or via email

And don’t forget for our church family we’ve got a private Facebook group to help teach and encourage our kids, if you’re not yet part of that, and you’re part of Lake Mac Church, please chat with Rob to find out how to connect. And though we can’t meet phsyically, our Home Groups are still in action, we’re using technology so we can still meet, check with your Home Group if you need to know more!

And lastly stay tuned – next week we start our new Series through the book of John!

Here’s our service for this week…


Church for March 22nd

Our first digital service! We encourage you to watch it together in small (Corona appropriate groups)! If you need helping finding a small group to watch with please get in touch with Rob for some options via phone – 0410 448 659 or via email



Each week we’ll add the video of the latest digital church meeting, you’ll be able to watch it individually here, or together at small groups.

One of the great joys of belonging to a church and belonging to God’s family is the gift of meeting together that’s why we read in Hebrews 10:24-25 –

24 And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, 25 not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.

One of the harsh realities of the COVID19 pandemic is the restriction of meeting together. That’s why we’re going digital, but we want to encourage you as much as possible to still gather in smaller groups to do this version of church as intended – together!

We also recognise that in this crisis period that won’t always be possible, so where it’s necessary, do this at home, but please look to connect with others from church over the phone, or via video chat so you can still be ‘meeting together’ in some form, praying for each others sharing what has impacted you from the digital service.

If you’re able to meet with others in a small group, but aren’t sure where to go, please get in touch with Rob for some options via phone – 0410 448 659 or via email



Hi Everyone,

Below is the text of the video update for Church
Liam from Lake Mac Church here.

We’re here speaking digitally of course because of the escalating COVID19 pandemic.

Our plans will change – but some things don’t.
First. God still loves you.  Salvation is still by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. We are still Gods people. He is still in Control. He’s still holing out salvation in Christ to the world.
We still have Church family to belong to and we still have a job to do.

How we love and care for each other, how we Gather and how we hold out the good news of Jesus to the world – will change over the coming months.

The leadership here at Lake Mac Church are committed to serving our Church and the world in all this, so here are the plans for how we’re moving forward from here.

With this virus and the health advice changing so quickly, plans and circumstances will change, we’ll keep updating you with where we’re at. But here is the plan for now.

We want to let love drive our actions. Not fear, selfishness or convenience. Our PM urged as much yesterday, how much more, we being filled with Jesus Spirit and love should we lead the way in this!

So – Church. Our Gathering. It’s neither loving nor feasible for us to do an ‘all together’ Sunday Church so we’re going to break into smaller groups and do Church at home with as groups as large as we can safely manage!
We want to equip you to gather in small groups at a time over the weekend that is sustainable and workable over the coming weeks. To do that each week we’ll provide a recorded ‘video’ Bible reading, sermon, and music as well as sending some material for families to work through with their Kids. Please get together in groups of friends, Home Groups and families and share this together! We’ll also be hosting a small gathering to do the same thing at the centre 4pm this Sunday for anyone who misses the updates, or doesn’t have time to organise somewhere to go. If you need to self isolate, please engage as well seeking to share with someone else at church over the weekend by phone.

The other big Change for us as a Church family is we’ll be moving our Mission season to later in the year.

Trying to invite our local community to come in and experience Church and new life in Jesus with us now just won’t work in the way we have planned

So we’re going to move that whole season, the blokes and Ladies nights, the Topical Invite series and our LIFE series to October November this year.

Now most of you will know from our announcements that I have my Long Service Leave scheduled for later this year! It’s all planned and organised so that Church can carry on well without me for that time.

Because we’re moving Mission Season later in that year I won’t be able to take Long Service Leave then, so instead, we will move my long service leave to start Monday week so that there’s space to make the most of our mission season in the end of this year.

I want to end here with one of the biggest opportunities of this season.

This is the time for us to shine in Love. In the next little while our care team will be in touch with some great ideas about how we can love each other at this time.

But also look out for opportunities to love those around you! This might mean checking in with your neighbours (from a distance) and those in our area you’re connected with and see how you can love and care for them.

Again I want to remind you that this is a great opportunity to grow in our Spiritual maturity and love for others. A Great opportunity to shine Jesus light strong and bright and bring great Glory to God.