Lake-Mac-EC_InitialGroupEst. 2013

Lake Mac Church began in 2011 as a group of Christians meeting in a home to study the Bible. We soon began meeting as a house church and before long decided to make steps towards becoming a church plant.

After consulting with Dave Sheath (The Lakes Evangelical Church) and Andrew Heard (EV Church Erina) we contacted Scott Sanders from The Geneva Push, a church planting network, to find a church planting pastor. The Geneva Push put us in touch with Liam Doyle and his wife Lucy. Liam agreed to be our Pastor and moved to the area in December 2012.

Doyle_FamilyWith some more people joining our house church we grew out of the lounge room and moved into the Bonnells Bay Youth and Community Centre in May 2013. Currently, we meet every Sunday at the Morisset Multipurpose Centre.

We asked The Lakes Church to ‘adopt’ us as a Church Plant – and so they became our mother church and we were under their administration committee. We are now standing on our own feet.

Lake Mac Church is a member Church of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches.

One of the things we really value is the diversity of people who come along to Lake Mac Church every week.

There is a great range of ages, from 0 to over 80 and in spite of big differences like age, education and nationality, we enjoy a real sense of warmth, friendship and love as we hear God’s word together and help each other follow Jesus.